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Privacy Policy

Hot Marketers and all subsidiaries values your privacy greatly.  Please read this policy in its entirety.

Hot Marketers will never sell or give away any personal information about you except as may be required by law.  We will also NEVER send you requests for personal or financial information.  Should you receive such a request that appears to have been made on our behalf, please DO NOT RESPOND TO IT and forward it to immediately.

We adhere to a strict anti-spam policy.  All our newsletters and mailing lists are created by a double opt-in policy.  This policy helps eliminate erroneous sign-up requests.  All emails issued by Hot Marketers contain an unsubscribe link in the unlikely event that an unwanted sign-up request has occurred.  This same link allows you to unsubscribe for any reason at any time.

If that for any reason fails to work, please email:

to let us know and we will immediately remove your email address from any and all mailing lists it may be subscribed to through Hot Marketers.

We do NOT sell or give away your information, including your email address.  A small amount of advertising may be included in each newsletter or other email issue along with the content specified upon sign-up.  Infrequent "broadcast" or special item emails may be sent to alert you to products or services that might be of interest to a person subscribed to the newsletter or list in question.  The messages will inform you of which newsletter or list you are subscribed to that resulted in the message, and include an unsubscribe link.  Be aware that clicking the link will unsubscribe you from the entire newsletter or list, not just the occasional advertisement.

If you are making a purchase from this or any other web site, we highly recommend you look for https:// at the start of the web address, indicating the transaction is occurring on a secure page.  Currently, any payments we accept are through PayPal and Clickbank.  Both sites offer complete privacy and security policies available for your review.  If you are ever unsure of the security of an online transaction, don't do it.  Contact the party involved in some other fashion to resolve any questions you may have about the security of your financial information.  Legitimate businesses will be able to resolve these issues for you promptly.  Since fraud is prevalent on the internet, we also recommend you take some time to learn about the different forms it may come in and how to protect yourself in all your online activities.

Hot Marketers does not currently use cookies, beacons, or other methods to track your web usage.  Some forms of advertisement or other sites may use these items.  Please review the privacy policy of any site you visit for complete details.

If you sign up for a newsletter, information will be kept as required by law regarding the email address used and the IP from which the request originated.  Both the request and confirmation are retained.  We must also keep this information available for review for our web host in order to comply with no-spam regulations.

If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.